Hippie Bowls can Step Up your Food Prep Game

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Hippie bowls are an endlessly customizable one-dish meal for all foodies! They can be made vegetarian, or you can easily add meat proteins to supplement your diet. Standard hippie bowls are half vegetables with the rest divided between grains and legumes (or meat proteins). The basic instructions that will have you indulging in a healthy hippie bowl ASAP are: 1. … Read More

How Not to Feel like a Stuffed Turkey this Christmas

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Who are we to tell you to abstain from indulging in great food, drinks, and relaxation this holiday season? While a very small percentage of the population will be happy to do just that, the reality for the vast majority of us it that Christmas is a time to recuperate. We get to enjoy our favourite comfort foods, have a … Read More


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As we have all seen, there is a ton of contradictory information on the internet regarding healthy eating. Are eggs bad; are they good? Should you go paleo? Is gluten harmless or the enemy? Without someone to clear up questions and misinformation, support groups can leave people feeling more confused than they were before. It’s this confusion that led me to … Read More


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With the Alberta Body Building Association (ABBA) fitness competitions taking place over the next couple weeks, we wanted to get an inside look into the life of a fitness competitor. Lucky for us, incredibly disciplined and accomplished former, current and future competitors surround us in our gyms! For this three part series we’re exploring the diet, training and behind the scenes … Read More


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We spotted our friends over at Fresh Fit Foods cooking away on Global Edmonton Sunday afternoon and it got us thinking… If broccoli really is high in Vitamin K (good for blood health), full of soluble fibre (ideal for digestion) and packed with iron (helps our muscles store and use oxygen!)- how can we better incorporate it in to our endless quest to be … Read More