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When Chelsea was younger, she wasn’t overly concerned with keeping active. She’s the first to tell others that she couldn’t even run for 5 minutes straight. The story of being young, invincible, and disinterested in health is not an uncommon one.

It wasn’t until a friend signed Chelsea up for her first spin class about five years ago that she realized fitness was fun, and maybe it could be for her after all. That was the moment she fell in love with fitness, and for Chelsea, once she starts something she refuses to do it halfway. After that first spin class, she went all in on fitness.

Chelsea often sings the praises of spin classes at World Health, saying “Spin is my favourite cardio workout, by far. TruRide has incredible teachers, and the lighting and the music make it a ton of fun. You could say it has become an obsession – but at least it’s a healthy one.”

In addition to spin, a couple classes that Chelsea loves to do regularly are Power and Lift. They are her favourite because she finds they provide just the right amount of challenge, and when the class is done she is really proud of how hard she has worked. Whenever she needs a break, she hits the gym and walks out feeling a million times better.

Chelsea will sometimes work out by herself, especially when it comes to doing weight training. Whenever she feels like she needs a bit of an extra push, she signs up to do a group class. She finds that the motivation and the energy in the class are contagious.

Chelsea’s commitment to health and fitness is an inspiration. Since that first spin class, she has never really stopped. Once she started noticing how her body, health, and mind changed, she couldn’t give it up. Working out gives her a confidence boost that she never knew she needed – or even wanted.

“There is something about a good sweat – it just makes me feel so accomplished. Working out at World Health makes me feel alive I’ve tried out other gyms, but I always come back. It just feels like home. People are so nice, and I’ve made so many friends over the last few years that have the same interests as I do.”

– Chelsea Siebert, World Health Edmonton

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