January Joiners

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When it comes to new year’s resolutions, many people choose to start losing weight and begin a more active lifestyle. The new year represents a fresh start and an opportunity to join a workout facility to help accomplish fitness goals. We call these people “January Gym Joiners.” We want to make sure that everyone who has joined a gym (regardless of the time of year) accomplishes their resolutions and sticks to them. The big question people will be asking this January is not “Do I want to work out?” That decision has been made. The question now is, “Where do I want to work out to get my desired results?”

When it comes down to it, every single person is different. We differ not only in our body types, but also preferences in exercise facilities. World Health President, Blake MacDonald states that, “The key to figuring out which fitness setting appeals to you most is to answer this question: are you more comfortable with intimacy or anonymity? What I mean by that is – are you looking to be acknowledged and helped with every visit? Or are you looking to be able to do your thing without being bothered? If it’s intimacy you are looking for, you might want to consider a smaller studio setting. If anonymity is what you’re more comfortable with, perhaps an all-purpose facility like World Health is a better fit.”

In addition to knowing your comfort level with anonymity vs. acknowledgement, it is also important to consider what types of assistance or programming you might need to help you along the way. If you are the type of person who needs motivation and doesn’t really care why you’re doing it, you might want to think about facilities that have class-based programs. If you are also looking for education about your nutrition or other lifestyle changes, you might need to go to a higher-end all-purpose facility like World Health where they not only provide a variety of classes, but also assistive services like fitness and nutrition consulting, personal trainers, and many other programs in place that will help coach you.

Once you’ve figured out what type of gym to join, the question becomes, “How do you know which gym is the one that’s going to be best for you?” The answer is pretty simple and should give comfort. Just like anything, you should try before you buy. Trying out a location or a fitness concept before you join is the key to figuring out what you’ll stick with. For that reason, many gyms like World Health hold open houses or offer free trials. When you come to these open houses, it’s important to try as many programs and services as you can.

At the end of the day, the equipment and facilities really won’t differ much from place to place, but you should be able to get a great feel for whether a gym is going to look after you by doing things like:

  • Booking a consultation with the Fitness Manager (this will give you a good baseline of where you’re at and get you focused on the type of program that’s right for you)
  • Doing a complimentary training session with a trainer
  • Participating in a class or group training session

The quality of a facility’s services or workouts and the amount of time they’re willing to spend with you (even when you haven’t started paying them yet) will tell you a lot about whether or not you’re ultimately going to be successful in achieving your goals there. Sticking to your goals and resolutions is so incredibly difficult. Not many people actually do. The reality is that getting fit, healthy, and sticking with it is really hard for most people. It takes disciplined nutrition, commitment to a fitness routine, and the knowledge to make good decisions. Furthermore, it’s important to have the drive to try again even if things go awry (because more often than not, you’ll fall off the bandwagon once or twice).

The biggest mistake people make is thinking it’s as easy as coming to the gym and running on a treadmill twice a week for a month. Noticeable results take time and effort, and usually require a shake up in lifestyle. Getting help from personal trainers, fitness coaches, consultants, and nutritionist is the key to helping you overhaul and achieve. If you can find a partner in crime (someone with similar goals to come to the gym with you), that can hold you accountable and help you be successful.

Be sure to check out World Health’s open house, running January 8th to 13th where the entire city of Edmonton has open access to come try out any World Health – no obligation, no charge. Can’t make it for Open House Week? Start a free 7-day trial, anytime.

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