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You’re ready to get fit. Good for you! So where do you start? How do you make sure you make the right decisions about your next steps? Do you join a gym? Get a Personal trainer? Or do you enrol in a group fitness program? How do you pick what to do so that you don’t quit?

Let’s start by asking yourself these four simple questions:

1. Where Do I Want to Work Out?

Figure out what setting appeals to you most. In other words – are you looking for intimacy or anonymity?

If it’s intimacy you are looking for, you might want to consider home or a smaller studio setting (i.e. Orangetheory Fitness). If anonymity is your game, perhaps an all-purpose facility (i.e. World Health).

Also, think about what types of assistance or programming you might need. If you are the type of person who needs motivation and doesn’t really care why you’re doing it – you might want to think about facilities that have class-based programs. If you are also looking for education about your nutrition or about other lifestyle changes, you might need to go to a higher end all-purpose facility. These facilities can provide fitness/nutrition consulting and personal trainers to help coach you.

2. What’s Convenient?

If you join a gym or a studio, make sure it’s nearby and easy to get to, so you’ll be more likely to go there. The best bet is selecting something that is on your way to or from work.

Interested in classed-based programs? Make sure you have plenty of options for classes that are available when you can work out. You want to cut out as many excuses not to workout as you can.

3. By Yourself or With Others?

Think about whether you’re more comfortable on your own or with a group. There is certain flexibility in working out by yourself and you can always ensure that you’re doing the program that is specific to your own results. If you have very specific goals and are highly motivated perhaps working out alone or with a trainer one on one is for you.

However, groups work well for lots of people because regular classes tend to create communities. These communities can create accountability and competitiveness. If you are outgoing and looking for an activity to share with others, choreographed group classes or small/large group personal-training might be for you.

4. Ask Yourself What Would Be Fun?

Let’s be frank – the act of getting your butt kicked is not fun for most people. That’s why it’s essential to find ways to make it fun or enjoyable. Sometimes group activities have themes or challenges that can really liven up the act of working out. In some cases, personal trainers or workout buddies add a social aspect to the workout that allows your mind to wander and the time to fly by.

Whatever you decide, take baby steps. In time, being active will become as routine for you as brushing your teeth. You may even surprise yourself and look forward to your new hobby. If not, keep trying new activities until you find something that clicks.

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