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Congratulations on making the right decision for your health by joining a club! Your first time at a gym can be a little scary -especially if you have never set foot in one before. Let’s take the fear out of your first visit to the gym by giving you a few helpful tips to make it go smoothly.

What To Bring

Everybody’s different but consider the following items to the gym:
• A lock- you won’t want to carry a bag or purse and your coat around with you for your whole workout so you’ll want to bring a lock for a locker.
• Towel-We have towels at the club available as part of your membership or for a nominal charge. If you prefer a larger towel for comfort in the locker room tuck one from home into your gym bag.
• WATER BOTTLE-An essential item for any physical activity. Even better, fill your water bottle up before coming to the gym and drink it on the way; then, fill it up again at the club before starting your workout.
• Headphones. Many people like providing their own form of entertainment from their phone or iPad during a workout. (WH has plenty of bandwidth with its high-speed in-club wireless network to help you leverage this). Many of our members use wireless headphones connected to their own device to listen to their own music or watch something off of Netflix. To listen to the TVs that are a part of many pieces of cardio equipment wired headphones are also needed.

What to do Upon Your Arrival

Check in at the desk and tell our receptionist it is your first visit on your own and let her remind you of where the locker rooms are. Note: We can’t recommend enough that you take advantage of your two complimentary Fitness Consultations. One of our trained staff will help you focus your workouts on areas that will most benefit you. They will also help show you where some of the equipment is that you will want to use and, how to use it properly. It is a great way to gain some familiarity and knowledge at the same time.

After locking your belongings up in a locker, head into the gym and just step onto a treadmill and walk – don’t run – for 5 minutes. This will help you warm up but more importantly it gives you a chance to look around and plan your next few exercises.

Be a Member Other Members Appreciate

These are some basic gym etiquette rules that will have you looking like a pro on your first trip to the gym:
• If you don’t know how to do something, ask! Ask an employee how to use any equipment that you are not familiar with.
• Use the disinfectant wipes provided! Be sure to wipe off any equipment after use. Some members choose to wipe down the equipment before they use it as well.
• Ask to “work in.” If you think someone is done with a machine or set of weights, but they are still standing next to it, you should ask if they are done. If someone is not done, proper gym etiquette is to let you “work in.” This simply means that you would take turns doing sets. About 99% of the time, they will let you work in.
• Put away your weights. This makes workouts enjoyable for everyone because then members do not have to search the gym for a set of dumbbells or struggle to take heavy plates off a piece of equipment.

Bring a Friend!

What better way to tackle the unknown than with a friend! This way you’ll have someone to explore the gym with. You can take a class, or schedule group training session together, and if you make it a regular date, you can hold each other accountable.

Your very first time in the gym is going to be strange – just remember, everyone else in the gym was exactly where you are at this moment at some point. They felt a little anxious and wondered where to start. What you need to know today is that this quickly goes away once you get started and if you take the right steps.

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