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Holiday get togethers all tend to revolve around the same thing: eating. We caught up with some of our Nutrition Consultants at World Health to find out their top tips for eating mindfully this Easter (while still enjoying yourself!).

Experiment: “Try making healthier recipes of your favourite meals or desserts with less calories, saturated fat and added sugar.” -Tracy Holmes

Supply: “Bring your own treats, therefore you know what type of ingredients are in them!” -Richelle Riendeau

Size matters: “Use a smaller dinner plate to avoid over-eating.” – Richelle Riendeau

Portion control: “Fill at least half of your plate with vegetables and fruit, a quarter with grain products such as rice or pasta, and a quarter with meat or alternatives. If a lean cut of protein is unavailable, you can trim the fat or opt to not eat the skin of the protein.” -Anne Clarise Samson

Hydrate: “Have a glass of water before your meal and eat your veggies first – you’ll end up eating less of the not so ‘good’ stuff.” -Patrice Yorke

Slow down: “Watch your pace while you’re eating. Every few bites, put down your utensils and wait 15 seconds before you go back for a few more bites. You will enjoy your food more and you will be less likely to over-eat!” -Stephanie Nash

Indulge: “Figure out what gets you REALLY excited about Easter Dinner, and plan your meal around that. If it’s a calorie laden dessert, have it, but balance it out with proteins and greens for dinner.” -Nicole Niska

Choose wisely: “Rethink you drinks. If you want to drink alcoholic drinks, red wine and liquor (i.e. whiskey, brandy, rum) are better choices since they are lower in calories and sugar.” -Anne Clarise Samson


Share your healthy holiday hacks in the comments below, or book a Personal Nutrition Consultation today to learn more about mindful eating, portion control and building healthy habits. 


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