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You’re ready to go to a Fitness club, you’ve done your research on which type of facility is best for you, but when you look online they all have the same problem. The issue in your mind is; you’re not in good enough shape to work out there. You’re feeling anxious about being the person out of breath after five minutes, whose waistline is hanging over their belt and who everyone is going to stare at.

Let us clearly state THIS WILL NOT BE THE CASE.

This misconception is caused largely because of the massive fitness marketing campaigns that blindside you on every corner. Infomercials with perfect bodies and matching outfits, billboards with fitness models pouring out of their completely unusable sportsbras and facebook ads showing before and after photos that seem too good to be true. Vanity is everywhere in fitness and it exists to sell people on the dream that looking good is the same as feeling good. (even World Health is guilty of this)

However, when you look at the general population, the picture is much different. The general population falls into four categories when it comes to fitness.


They don’t believe fitness can make their lives better. About 10%

Uninitiated Believers

They think fitness can make a big difference in their lives but something is stopping them from acting. About 70%

Initiated Believers

These people think it can make a difference and have acted by joining a fitness club or starting a fitness program of some kind. About 15%


These are the FREAKS. They have made this a part of their every day life and they love the pain of working out. We call them freaks because, for some reason, they thrive on the idea that getting your butt kicked every day is fun! (we love our Freaks) About 5%

It’s important to understand that around 75% of people who are joining gyms today are uninitiated believers who have taken action and are becoming initiated believers.
They are you! And they are just as worried about what people are thinking about them as you are. They’re not in great shape and they are looking to change something about themselves. Not only will these people be supportive and encouraging to you, but this is the group you might end up spending most of your time with, making friends with, or even getting a date with:) You are in good company!

Now, let’s talk about the fanatics. They make up a small portion of all members who join (25%). They just happen to be there all the time because they work out 6 times a week – Remember they’re Freaks! They’ve found what works for them. However, no one can appreciate the journey and the process that it takes to look like them, like them. If you’re worried what they are thinking about you, it’s likely the complete opposite of what your perception is. They’ve put in the hours and they know the hard work ahead of you. So if ANYTHING, they will be the most encouraging and supportive of what you’re about to go through because they had to go through it themselves at one point.

We all have to start somewhere. If you actually walked around and talked to everyone in the gym, you’d likely discover that the majority of the people who are there are either just like you are today, are 3-6 months ahead, or had joined years ago and remember how hard it was to  take the first steps. Don’t let your anxiety prevent you from the best decision of your life. Whether it is joining a gym, signing up for a class, or getting a personal trainer, there is never a better time to start than right now.

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