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This month World Health Edmonton is proud to announce our sponsorship of the Canadian Diabetes Association. With 20 Canadians being diagnosed with diabetes every hour, we know that many in our community are impacted by this disease and we’re doing our part to help.

CLOTHESLINE DROP BOX: If you’ve been inside one of our 10 clubs in Edmonton lately, you’ve likely noticed that World Health is now a home for Clothesline Drop Boxes! Our members have been so generous in donating their gently used clothing, shoes and blankets and feel good about it knowing 100% of net proceeds raised directly support the Canadian Diabetes Association and world-leading diabetes research, education and advocacy.

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CANRISK: World Health Edmonton is also encouraging members to find out their risk of getting diabetes by coming in to any of our 10 clubs and taking the CANRISK test. The CANRISK test will help you to find out if you are at higher risk of having pre-diabetes or type 2 diabetes. Pre-diabetes is a condition where blood sugar levels are higher than normal, but not high enough to be diagnosed as diabetes. You can have pre-diabetes or undiagnosed type 2 diabetes without having any obvious warning signs or symptoms, and knowing your risk can help you to make healthy choices now that will reduce your risk or even prevent you from developing diabetes. World Health has extensive resources to help you find your ideal fitness program and nutrition coaching to help get you on the path the healthy eating.

NATIONAL DIABETES DAY: Lastly, we are excited to announce our Open House on Saturday, November 14th 2015 in honour of World Diabetes Day. We are extending an open invitation to all Edmontonians and our neighbours in surrounding areas to come on down and spend the day taking part in our group classes, enjoying our cardio equipment, weights area, steam rooms and grabbing a healthy bite to eat from our Fresh Fit Foods coolers.


World Health Edmonton is honoured to be able to support the causes that matter to our members. For more information on diabetes, click here or visit

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