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So, you’ve joined the gym with the goal of weight loss in mind – congratulations! You’ve taken the first step toward a better life. Just imagining that that is possible, and then believing in yourself enough to invest in a gym membership is a big deal, so take a moment to congratulate yourself. In fact, write it down somewhere permanent – a journal is a good spot. We’ll talk more about that journal in a minute.

But first, there are a few things you need to know if you’ve joined up to lose weight. Are you ready? Would you like the good news first or the bad news?

The Bad News

Let’s get the bad news out of the way. If you are planning to lose weight by working out in the gym without making some significant nutritional changes, it will happen very, very slowly. If you are planning to lose weight by working out in the gym AND making incremental nutritional changes one step at a time, it will happen slightly less slowly. But it will be a long, S L O W process.

The Good News

Ready for the good news? The good news is, if you add regular exercise to your lifestyle and make incremental improvements to your nutrition habits, you will be making the best choice for your health and longevity, and those are the changes that are likely to stick over the long term. The other good news is that yes, weight loss done right is a long, almost painfully slow process when the scale is the only metric you use to measure your progress. Other changes you (and the people around you) will notice very quickly: inches will fall off your waist and hips, your eyes will sparkle, you’ll have fewer aches and pains, you’ll feel muscles where you haven’t felt them before, you’ll sleep better, you’ll be more alert and energetic, you’ll stand up straighter…

Wait, what? Stand up straighter? Why does that matter?

It matters because fixing your posture is the absolute fastest way to look like you’ve lost ten pounds.

Check this out:


These pictures were taken within minutes of each other. But the difference is significant, right? And it can be achieved through increasing your core and upper back strength, which can happen within a couple of weeks. Other metrics to track include measurements (which any of the friendly trainers at your gym would be happy to help you with), body composition (because when you’re getting stronger you will put on some lean mass and your blood volume will increase as your body fat decreases), watching how your clothes fit, and paying attention to how your body feels.

The Scale is a Bad Measurement

Remember, the scale is like that friend we all had in college who showed up late to class, didn’t know what was going on half the time, and took longer to figure things out because they were too busy planning parties to pay attention to what was going on around them. Its information is not entirely trustworthy and incomplete at best! But, like that friend, it will eventually figure things out. In the meantime, remember that journal that we talked about? Use that to record your new lifestyle wins for each day: inches lost, random compliments that will start coming your way, what you are liking about your workouts and how your body feels, and whatever other good things that happened – practicing a little bit of gratitude every day will keep you inspired and keep the needle on the scale moving down!

Hannah Gray


  1. I am thinking of joint the gym but hate going in and people staring because I am not barbie (not just others working out but staff too) you feel horrible enough with excess weight and shame yourself do others need to as well) I notice you open 24 hours are there times when you can count on no one (but staff of course) being there? Thank you

    1. Hi Chris,
      There are definitely times when the gym is much slower, but we can’t really guarantee that you’ll be alone. Whatever information you need to make starting at the gym easier we’re happy to provide it to you. Late night is usually quiet, and if you call the location you’re interested in, they can help get you started with what’s most comfortable for you. We really feel that this is a safe space and that many of the people here know that it all begins somewhere. We try to run a community that props each other up so I hope you feel this when you come in.
      Thanks for the message!

  2. I too am trying to get myself back on my priority list. I am a stay at home mom to 5 kids! Ya I know, 5 kids! Lol
    I used to go to the gym 5x week with a trainer two hours each day. I never felt better. That being said. I then went on to have 5 pregnancies in 5 years….
    I have approx 135lbs to lose. Do you have any programs dedicated to beginners. I would Love to come back and get healthy again. I like Chris am quite anxious to say the least . What are membership fees like? Personal training packages, etc?

    Thank you for your time
    Best Regards,


    1. Hi Cindy,
      We are all about helping people at any stage in their fitness journey. The first thing we suggest is to set up a meeting at a club near you to talk to someone about setting up a membership. They’ll help to set up meetings with a nutrition consultant and a personal trainer (included in every membership) and that will help to figure out your goals and the programs that would be most helpful to you. We have several membership options with pricing on the membership page http://dev.worldhealthedmonton.ca/membership/ of our website and the personal training prices vary by trainer and package so that’s best to determine after the consultation. We know it can be difficult to get started again and that this all seems like a lot but we’re here for you whenever you’re ready to start!
      We hope to see you soon and we know you can do this,
      World Health

  3. Hi! r u guys located in city centre? downtown , would love to see a trainer once a week to teach me how to work out , loll i have my own gym in my apartment but i think i’m doing it wrong.. I know cardio is probably the one thing that i need to do to burn stomach fat , not sure how long should i do it for each day , and would love to gradually start muscle training but right now just want burn fat…

    1. Hi Brodie, we are definitely in city center. Give this number a call and they can set up a meeting. (780) 425-3333 They’ll talk about your fitness goals and set you up for a personal fitness consultation as well as a nutrition consultation. You’re starting with a clear idea of what you want. We can definitely help you get there. Hope to hear from you soon.

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