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Runners, body builders, dancers, hockey players and nearly every other type of athlete put their bodies through a lot during vigorous exercise and training. While every case varies, there are some telling signals your body is sending you that it might be time to see a chiropractor.

Pain or decreased flexibility in muscles and joints, numbness, tingling or pain travelling into your arms or legs, and headaches” says Dr. Megan, a chiropractor at The Chiropractic Wellness Studio

While it’s tempting to book an appointment with a masseuse for the relaxation aspect, a chiropractic appointment could be more beneficial.

“Based on our educational backgrounds, chiropractors are given the right to diagnose whereas massage therapists are not,” explains Dr. Megan. “Chiropractors can order diagnostic testing and perform joint manipulation/mobiliizations in conjunction with soft tissue and massage work to get the patient feeling better.”

Chiropractors work on the neuro-musculoskeletal system and get to the level of the spinal joints to help increase mobility and decrease pain, rather than just addressing the muscular part of the pain. So what can you expect upon your first visit?

The Chiropractic Wellness Studio located inside World Health Clareview

The Chiropractic Wellness Studio located inside World Health Clareview

“First we will ask you a whole bunch of questions to help us to arrive at a diagnosis for your pain,” explains Dr. Megan. “Sometimes our diagnosis is something simple like a sprain or a strain, but it could be something more complex like restricted joints, spinal disc herniations, tendinitis or Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.”

Next, your chiropractor will get physical.

“We’ll conduct an examination of your spine and extremities in order to diagnose your condition. We will use orthopedic tests plus special chiropractic tests to see which tests aggravate your pain and which tests are relieving,” says Dr. Megan. “Once we are confident we know what’s wrong, we will give you our recommended treatment plan.”

Dr. Megan and her associates at The Chiropractic Wellness Studio believe in a team approach to getting you feeling better.

“Your treatment plan may include one or a combination of therapies including chiropractic adjustments, massage therapy, strength exercises and/or stretches plus advice on whether you should be icing or heating your injury,” says Dr. Megan. “We will also explain what kinds of activities to engage in or to avoid until you are better.”

If you’re experiencing pain that’s keeping you from working out or living your life in general, booking an appointment with a chiropractor may be a solution. But what if you’re not in pain? Can you still benefit from visiting a chiropractor?

“Yes!” says Dr.Megan. “Many patients benefit from chiropractic because it can increase joint flexibility and motion and decrease associated inflammation and pain. Chiropractic treatments can do this naturally without having to take drugs.”

Intersted in giving it a try? Visit Dr. Megan at The Chiropractic Wellness Studio.

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