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Many of us do not take enough breaks throughout the work day to move our bodies. We are busy answering emails and phone calls and before we know it we try to stand up and our bodies are stiff and sore. This is a 5-minute yoga routine that you can do at your desk throughout the workday. Set a timer … Read More


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What You Can Learn From Different Training Styles and People  by guest contributor Trevor Mah The realm of fitness and exercise encapsulates many different modalities. Every time you enter a gym, there are different people working on different things. From the avid runner to the hulking strong man, there are benefits to every style of training. Here is a breakdown … Read More


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Not a day goes by that we don’t find out something totally awesome that our members are up to. Some are working up a sweat before heading on a mountain-bound road trip, some are working off their nervousness before a gig their band is playing tonight, and some are only 15 years old and preparing to compete in the Alberta … Read More


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Part 2: Training for a Fitness Competition This week we’re exploring what the exercise regimen looks like for fitness competitors in Edmonton, so we checked in with some of our competing Personal Trainers to get the inside scoop. How often are they hitting the gym? How do they stay motivated? And why do they spend hours in front of the mirror? … Read More